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BLOG: Vanguard Support Package Updated: Now includes guidance on ‘new operating models’, and ‘governance, accountability and provider regulation’ 16 December 2015
Revised vanguard support package published 11 December 2015
Martha Lane Fox sets out key digital proposals for the NHS 09 December 2015
Calls for more effective use of healthcare data at pharma and healthcare leaders’ event 04 December 2015
BLOG: Urgent care vanguard: integration is key 26 November 2015
NHS England negotiates price cuts for ultra-rare Morquio A syndrome drugs 24 November 2015
More than 400 pharmacists to be recruited to GP surgeries by next year 17 November 2015
BLOG: NHS vanguard programme incorporates contract options for GPs 11 November 2015
Junior doctors' contract offer 04 November 2015
Health Secretary outlines measures for greater patient power 29 October 2015
Almost £1.5m for palliative care research 28 October 2015
BLOG: Vanguards radically reinventing the NHS 26 October 2015
The NHS Five Year Forward View – One Year On 20 October 2015
Prime Minister pledges to deliver 7-day GP services by 2020 05 October 2015
Leading models of dementia care highlighted to inspire 01 October 2015
Millions of patients to benefit from radical new hospital collaboration drive 25 September 2015
Gearing up for one of the most fundamental changes in NHS history 25 September 2015
Patient safety incident reporting continues to improve 23 September 2015
Patient Safety Alert – Supporting the introduction of the National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures 14 September 2015
New safety standards published for invasive procedures 07 September 2015
GP access a top priority for NHS 04 September 2015
Use of police cells for those in mental health crisis halved, announces Department of Health 25 August 2015
#TransformingCare: care and treatment reviews to become ‘business as usual’ 24 August 2015
Patient safety alert – addressing antimicrobial resistance through implementation of an antimicrobial stewardship programme 18 August 2015
Consultations launched into voluntary sector role in health and care 10 August 2015
BLOG: Vanguards of the NHS 05 August 2015
NHS England launches first stage of new programme to improve young people’s mental health services 03 August 2015
NHS launches next step of urgent care review 24 July 2015
Annual Report highlights Five Year Forward View 23 July 2015
Taskforce report aims to boost cancer survival and transform patient experience 20 July 2015
Jeremy Hunt sets out the government’s vision for a patient-led, transparent and safer NHS. 16 July 2015
Patients set to benefit through fresh boost to innovation 15 July 2015
New service from Binley’s maximises pharma website potential 10 July 2015
New £15m scheme to give patients pharmacist support in GP surgeries 09 July 2015
Patients across the country set to benefit from the roll out of proven healthcare innovations 06 July 2015
NHS111 refutes ambulance dispatch claims 01 July 2015
NHS drive for action to tackle trans inequalities 28 June 2015
Prevention Programme can ease burden of diabetes on NHS 18 June 2015
NHS is set to treat hundreds of cancer patients with an innovative type of radiotherapy 15 June 2015
Raising the profile of carers and the vital role they play 08 June 2015
London GP mental health scheme helps hundreds, skills up primary care staff and saves thousands 18 May 2015
Mental health staff working with police and courts now cover half of England 12 May 2015
National maternity review now underway 27 April 2015
Patient safety alert – Managing risks during the transition period to new ISO connectors for medical devices 02 April 2015
Wheelchair users boosted by Change Day 31 March 2015
NHS Mental Health Apps Library to increase access to psychological therapies and help to improve mental health outcomes 24 March 2015
Healthcare leaders call for action on hearing loss 23 March 2015
Binley’s appoints Tala for pharma PR campaign 20 March 2015
NHS England welcomes new plans for radical shake up of youth mental health care 18 March 2015
Five million patients to benefit from new era of patient care 11 March 2015
Developing a new approach to palliative care funding 05 March 2015
The Five-Year Forward View into action: NHS England and Greater Manchester announce shared plan for £6billion health and social care funding 02 March 2015
Joint statement in response to the Jimmy Savile investigations: NHS England, NHS Trust Development Authority, Care Quality Commission and Monitor 26 February 2015
New Mental Health Act code of practice 18 February 2015
New proposals on pharmacy dispensing errors and standards 13 February 2015
New measures to end FGM on International Day of Zero Tolerance 10 February 2015
Scientists on target with dementia cure or drug 03 February 2015
Compassion in care campaign hits new milestone 02 February 2015
£10 million investment boost to expand general practice workforce 27 January 2015
New tools for helping care for people with Long Term Conditions 23 January 2015
NHS England publishes new guide to healthy ageing 22 January 2015
NHS England launches £11.5M strategy to wipe out tuberculosis in the UK 20 January 2015
The Deputy Prime Minister hosts a major Mental Health Conference today to discuss the future of mental health services in England. 19 January 2015
NHS increases budget for cancer drugs fund from £280 million in 2014/15 to an expected £340 million in 2015/16 14 January 2015
NHS launches new bid to beat cancer and save thousands of lives 12 January 2015
NHS Trust Chief Executive and GP leader appointed to support local NHS in developing new Forward View care models 09 January 2015
NHS England’s Medical Director launches search for pioneering healthcare innovators 08 January 2015
England’s top dementia doctor says “Make cutting back on alcohol your New Year’s resolution” 05 January 2015

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